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Building Biology WA provides extensive commercial and workplace testing and auditing.

Commercial Services

  • Drinking Water Assesment

    • Providing clean drinking water to staff or for commercial purposes such as cooking can be made easy with the right filtration system. The majority of office water bottles may contain BPA a hormone disrupting chemical known to increase the risk of breast and testicular cancer.

    • Choosing and installing a good filtration system is a cost effective way of providing clean water free from contaminants.

    • A Drinking water audit will asess and test if necessary the level of contaminants  and potential contaminants in the water supply and provide a comprehensive report including recommended filters - taking in to account, usage, source and budget.

  • Electromagnetic Field Audit

    • As we use more and more technology in the workplace we are seeing a steddy increae of people showing signs of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Headaches, brain fog, restlessness, muscle aches and pains are just a few of the noted health concerns associated with high level EMF exposure.

    • Whether you are concerned about radiation from your computer, main frame, switchboard, substations, smart meter or the radiation from telecommunications (mobile phone tower, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, mobile phone..), an EMF audit will provide you with the level of exposure and a detailed report on how to reduce the level of EMF being emmitted.

  • Geomancy Audit
    • The energetics of a site are often overlooked when trying to discern why a particular work space, shop or commercial space are not thriving. Frome the feel of a place to the health of its employees harmonising the natural Earth radiation can make a huge difference to the prosperity and abundance of a site. Geomancy audits are great for sites that experience high levels of insects, cracking walls, and failing business, For more on this please visit

  • Healthy Building Design and Materials
    • Choosing ethically sourced, environmentally sound, breatheable and health promoting building materials can be quite a task. Building Biology WA can help you every step of the way during you build or renovation to ensure that the build is conducive to good health of it occupants.

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Audit
    • With such variance in commercial/industry and workspace practice air quality testing comes in all shapes and forms. From testing the breathing zone of employees using harsh chemicals or assesing particle counts to identifying formaldehyde levels in imported good. An indoor Air Quality test will give you peace of mind that the air you are breathing is clean and fresh. With many types of testing available you will not only be given a detailed list of contaminants and suggestions to improve IAQ but levles will also be assessed against both workplace exposure and building biology standards.j

  • Mould audit and remediation plan
    • 24% of the population are unable to produce antibodies to mould. Mould does not have to be seen or smelt to be an issue. Mould is linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, lymes disease and is often the culprit of lung disease, reoccuring ear nose and thropat infections and overall inflamation.

    • Mould in a commercial space can cause serious damage to health and stock.

    • Often mould is a result of water damage that has not been properly remedied within 48 hours. BBWA can audit commercial and leased and rental properties.

    • A mould audit will identify sources of moisture including moisture content of building materials, test/ sample levels and type of mould and provide proceedure for remediation.