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Deanne Hislop here, author, speaker, building biologist and mum of two beautiful firey redheads.


After spending my twenties in London (partly Europe and the States) working for the worlds largest organic retailer I became passionate (ok perhaps obsessed) with environmental toxins. Not just because it was my job to scrutinize products for their production ethics and chemical content, becoming more and more familiar with the regulations and legalities of product testing, production and labelling - or lack there of, but because it was becoming increasingly more and more obvious to me that not only were we getting sicker but that there was a link between where a person lived and their health.

I could not keep track of the times a customer would say " I started feeling ill shortly after I moved into.................." generally a basement apartment or poorly maintained house. I witnessed many seemingly healthy people suffer from chronic fatigue (biotoxin illness), reoccurring chest infections, copper toxicity, migraines and allergies that they had never previously suffered from, all of which appearing shortly after moving house.

As I began to expand my knowledge of toxins in the built environment it became apparent the need for greater education in environmental health, especially for those looking to fall pregant or with young children. My work also highlighted just how many products we were using on a daily basis that were linked to cancer, hormone disruption and developmental and reproductive issues with little to no public awareness. 


After having my two children I decided to go back and study with the Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES), the only college to offer a government accredited course in Building Biology.


From helping patients find the cause of their ill health, educating practitioners on how to identify environmental illness such as biotoxin illness in their clients, consulting on the best building materials, reducing the chemical burden on babies and creating sleep sanctauries to testing commercial businesses and residences it is my passion to create awareness and change in the way that we live so that we can be the healthiest versions of ourselves and see better health in our future generations.

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Deanne is a certified Building Biologist and practitioner member of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists. She practices through Western and South Australia and runs numerous workshops and seminars from beginner to practitioner level. She is also the founder of where she practices geobiology/geomancy and energetic healings.  

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"An organisms ability to thrive is determined by its environment"