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We spend around 90% of our time indoors which means that around 90% of our chemical/EMF exposure is within our control.

Residential services

  • Allergy Audit

    • Many people are unaware the number of ways that allergens in the house can be reduced allowing allergy sufferes to get on with their day to day lives. There are a number of allergens present in the indoor environment such as pet dander, dust, dust mite, mould and pollens with Australians being the second highest in the world for allergy sufferers.

    • From eczema, hayfever, sinusitis or reoccurring coughs and irritations an allergy audit will help identify potential triggers and the best way to lower allergen exposure.

    •  On completion of your audit you will be confident that you have greater control and proceedures in place to dramatically reduce the level of allergens in the indoor envionment.

  • Creating a sleep sanctuary

    • As the body sleep that immune system drops and the body repairs.

    • There are many factors that affect our circadium rythms and the production of melatonin in the body. Whether you are looking to provide an environment conducive to sleep for yourself, baby or whole family learn how to create a space that will have you falling and staying asleep all night. This covers Electromagnetic field exposure, Geopathis Stress, Allergens and chemical exposure. 

  • Drinking Water Assesment

    • Did you know that the vast majority of office water bottles may contain BPA a hormone disrupting chemical known to increase the risk of breast and testicular cancer?

    • Chlorine is one of the biggest causes of eczema and disrupts the micobiome of the skin.

    • A drinking water assesment will provide you with a detailed list of contaminants and possible contaminants along with recommendations of the best filtration system based on your water supply, health and budget.

    • A drinking water audit will help reduce your exposure to known toxins such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, pesticides, fluoride, lead and copper.

    • Audits can be carried out on any form of drinking water supply from scheme, tank, bore natural spring or other. Level of testing will depend on the clients budget and circumstance.

  • Electromagnetic Field Testing

    • The World Health Organisation’s admission that electromagnetic fields are ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’ has highlighted concern among society.

    • Whether you are concerned about high voltage power lines, substations, the solar inverter, smart meter or the radiation from telecommunications (mobile phone tower, Wi-Fi, baby monitor, cordless phones, mobile phones) an electromagntic field (EMF) audit will identify the levels of  EMF your are being exposed to and provide solutions to reducing that exposure.

    • There are a number of studies demonstating the link between EMF and melatonin suppression as well as its ability to allow toxins to more easily pass the blood brain barrier.

    • On completion of your audit you will have your documented level of exposure, safe distances and practices for the use of electric devices, solutions for shielding if required and an understanding of how to reduce screen time exposure for young children.

  • Geomancy Audit

    • As the earth rotates on its axis it creates and electromagnetic field that we have evolved to live with. Any disturbances that occur below the surface of the ground can affect this resulting in a distorted field that effects the energetics of the body. This distortion, often called geopathic stress commonly affects the body's immune system, ability to and quality of sleep and is linked to cancer. For more information on this please see

  • Healthy Building Design and Materials

    • In an effort to make buildings, more air tight, energy efficient and more affordable we have seen an increase in illness related to poor and often toxic building materials, lack of air flow and an increase in issues such as mould and in particular biotoxin illness related to the growth of "super moulds" a result of combining mould deterrants in building materials.

    • A healthy Building design consultation can provide advice regarding the choice of healthy building materials that don’t adversely affect the indoor air quality or electroclimate of the home. This is particularly useful if you suffer from allergies, have asthma, are chemically or electrically sensitive, or just wish to create a healthy living environment.

    • Clients can also be advised during the design phase on the best ways to reduce EMF exposure in the house, from choice of electrical wiring and the implementation of demand switches and internet data cabling as well as ways to increase natural air flow, how to reduce the chances of mould growth and biologicals.

  • Indoor Air Quality Survey

    • Unsure if the indoor air you are breathing is clean or adding to your feeling of poor health.

    • IAQ Home Survey is an accurate, simple to use and cost effective tool for use in determining airborne chemicals (VOCs) and active growing mold (MVOCs) in home air.  With a single sample, IAQ Home Survey reports the air quality via the total levels of VOCs (TVOC) and MVOCs (TMVOC).  Most importantly, the chemical information is translated into categories of potential sources.  This allows an action plan for improving air quality to be developed.  In the case of a real estate transaction, it identifies the chemical contamination contributed by the home itself.

    • IAQ Home Survey is a cost effective tool for indoor air quality assessments.  It is particularly useful in real estate transactions.   A home inspector can easily and cost- effectively perform an air audit in conjunction with the home inspection.  

    • Methamphetamine tests are also available.

  • Mould Audit

    • 24% of the population are unable to produce antibodies to mould. Mould does not have to be seen or smelt to be an issue. Mould is linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, lymes disease and is often the culprit of lung disease, reoccuring ear nose and thropat infections and overall inflamation.

    • A mould audit will identify sources of moisture including moisture content of building materials, test/ sample levels and type of mould and provide proceedure for remediation.

  • Pre-lease/ Pre-purchase inspection

    • A house is prbably the biggest investment you will ever make and when it has the ability to dramatically affect you health and that of your family a pre purchase audit is a wise investment.

    • Audits are also available to test for water damage for the mould sensitive as well as methamphetamine testing.

Full home audits can be arranged to cover EMF, Mould, Indor Air Quality, Drinking water, Geomancy and sleep areas.