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Onsite Assessment

Environmental Testing

Building Biology WA can provide health based environmental testing for mould and water intrusion, electropollution (EMR), indoor air quality, Chemical and heavy metal exposure, allergens and water contaminants.

Pricing starts at $150/hr

Assessments packages start from $680 with standard report

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Onsite Assessment

Commercial Space Design

Reduce sick days, improve productivity and support the physical and mental health of your team.

Your work space should support good health. It should be a place that allows the body to thrive and the mind to function at its peak. A healthy work space should be free of chemicals and in particular synthetic fragrances, have great natural light, minimal EMR exposure, be mould free with good indoor air quality and air flow and drinking water that is free of contaminants such as fluoride and chlorine. 

Pricing starts at $150/hr

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Onsite and Offsite Services

Additional Services

Building Biology WA is a small and versatile group that can provide a multitude of services from training on environmental health to creating a workplace guide for sensitive individuals

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