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Environmental Health

Residential Services

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We spend around 90% of our time indoors which means that around 90% of our chemical/EMF exposure is within our control.
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Residential Onsite Audit

Mould Audit

Onsite assessment of moisture, ventilation and microbial growth with comprehensive report outlining findings, health concerns and remediation advice.

From $880

Lab samples may be additional

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Residential Onsite Audit

Combined Mould EMF Audit

The two most commonly impacting factors. Mould and EMF tend to work together (one exacerbates the effects of the other) especially in individuals experiencing CIRS or biotoxin  illness. This audit combines both a mould audit and an electrobiology audit.

From $1300

Lab samples may be additional

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Residential Onsite Audit

Drinking Water Assessment

Providing peace of mind that you are drinking the best quality water available. Sampling from any water source can be taken. Findings are analysed and the most appropriate filtration recommended. Household water and that used for bathing and showering can also be assessed.

From $220

Architect hold plans
Onsite/Offsite Services Available

Build + Renovation Design Advice

We've all heard the saying do it right the first time. But what if we don't know the right way to do it? Building Biology WA can assist with design advice to reduce the impact of environmental factors.

Charged per half hour $85

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Residential Onsite Audit

Electrobiology (EMF) Audit

Onsite assessment of AC electric and magnetic fields, radiofrequencies, dirty electricity, artificial blue light from both internal and external sources with comprehensive report outlining exposures, health concerns and recommendations

From $790

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Residential Onsite Audit

Pre - Lease or Pre Purchase Inspection

Not only is a home a huge investment but where we live can hugely impact the health we experience as individuals. Some homes can rob us of our health while others can help us find health and thrive.

There are some issues that can be very hard and very costly to rectify such as sever water intrusion and external EMF sources such as phone towers. A report identifying potential environmental issues and basic remediation provided.

From $1100

Lab samples may be additional - Assessments can be tailored to cover individual parameters.

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Residential Onsite Audit

Allergen or IAQ Audit

Onsite assessment of potential allergens and indoor air quality parameters. This audit is perfect for those with skin or respiratory issues, asthma, allergic rhinitis  and general allergies. Covers, dust, bedding, personal care and cleaning products as well as other potential allergens found in the build. Report of findings, health concerns and recommendations provided.

From $680

Sampling may be additional

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Onsite/Offsite Service Available

Additional Services and Assesments

Can't see what you are looking for? Check our list of additional and add on services that we can provide. 

Decontamination advice

Car sampling for microbials

Creating a sleep sanctuary


Planning a non toxic nursery

Safe personal care session 

Student safe technology assessment

Home office Assessment

Speaking events/workshops

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Residential Onsite Audit

Whole Home Audit

Onsite assessment of mould, EMF, drinking water, indoor air quality allergens, heavy metal and chemical exposure. A report is provided outlining exposures to each parameter, health concerns associated with your exposures and recommendations and remediation 

From $1650

Lab samples may be additional

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Offsite Phone or Zoom

Phone or Zoom Consult 

Professional advice with Deanne Hislop

Remote, not sure where to start or just looking for advice? Sometimes we don't need an onsite assessment but to be pointed in the right direction and provided with well researched information. Great for identifying possible environmental triggers in relation to health concerns, advice on such things as safe tech behaviours, advice on safe finishes and fixtures, mould cleaning advice. 

30 minutes $95

60 Minutes $160

Packages available

Methamphetamine also known as crystal me
Residential onsite testing

Methamphetamine Testing

Do you really know the past history of your home? If you are unsure a quick onsite test can put your mind at ease (or identify an issue that you can now take action on). This service is provided to home owners, real estate agents, landlords and on all pre-purchase and pre-lease inspections. report of findings is provided for record.

Standard home 3-5 tests $490

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Microscope in Laboratory
Onsite Service Only


Often lab analysis of indoor air quality, allergens, mould, methamphetamine,water and soil may be required. All sampling is discussed with the client prior to proceeding.

Prices start at $60 

For a full list please hit "Read More"

Pricing is based on houses within the Perth Metro (less 30km of the CBD). A small home is up to 180m2, a medium home is considered a single story 4 *2 no greater than 240m2 floor space and a large home exceeds 240m2 or has multiple storeys. 
Building Biology WA covers the entire Perth metro area with no travel fees. Regional Services may attract additional travel and service fees depending on location. To request a quote for regional services please email
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