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Whether you are a home buyer, homeowner, builder or looking for that perfect place to call home Building Biology WA is there for you all the way.

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Onsite assessments

Environmental Health Testing

Building Biology WA can provide health based environmental testing for mould and water intrusion, electropollution (EMR), indoor air quality, Chemical and heavy metal exposure, allergens and water contaminants.

Pricing starts at $150/hr

Assessments packages start from $680 with standard report

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Onsite/Offsite Services Available

Build + Renovation Advice

We've all heard the saying do it right the first time. But what if we don't know the right way to do it? Building Biology WA can assist with design advice to reduce the impact of environmental factors.

Charged per half hour $85

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Onsite Assessment

Pre Purchase or Pre Lease inspection

Not only is a home a huge investment but where we live can hugely impact the health we experience as individuals. Some homes can rob us of our health while others can help us find health and thrive.

There are some issues that can be very hard and very costly to rectify such as sever water intrusion and external EMF sources such as phone towers. A report identifying potential environmental issues and basic remediation provided.

Standard home $1100

Lab samples may be additional - Assessments can be tailored to cover individual parameters.

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Onsite Testing

Healthy Home Rating Marketing Push

Increase your market reach.

A healthy home is a sell-able home. Building Biology WA can provide your potential buyers with a healthy home report. 

All homes are assessed for Building Biology Parameters such as mould and indoor air quality, proximity to phone towers and water quality. 

Home owners are then provided with feedback on the health of the build that they can choose to pass on. 

Builds that get our TICK of approval will be posted on our social media and email list.

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Onsite Testing

Methamphetamine Testing

Do you really know the past history of your home? If you are unsure a quick onsite test can put your mind at ease (or identify an issue that you can now take action on). This service is provided to home owners, real estate agents, landlords and on all pre-purchase and pre-lease inspections. report of findings is provided for record.

Standard home 3-5 tests $330

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Joondalup Office

House Hunting 101

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, and your health is one of if not the most important factors in your life.

Building Biology WA provides a 1-1.5 hr coaching session for up to three people to have you feeling confident about what to look for in a build, spot potential health issues, how to know if it is the right build for you, simple test solutions  and how to narrow your search.

Resources and a checklist will be provided per couple.

Session cost $170

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