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Deanne is a Certified Building Biologist specialising in mould, electropollution mitigation and children's health, IEP (Indoor Environmental Professional), IICRC certified mould expert, Geobiologist, Certified GAPS* (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Health Practitioner, Psych K Facilitator, Speaker, Author and Activist with more than 20 years experience in the Environmental health arena.


A Practitioner member of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists and onsite trainer for the Australian College of Environemtal Studies, Deanne practices 

throughout Western and South Australia, the ACT and the Northern Territory, runs numerous workshops and seminars from beginner to practitioner level and sits as an adviser on several Environmental Health Groups.


She is the founder of Building Biology WA and Geo Harmony.

Deanne Hislop here, 

Have you ever wondered if there is something else holding you back from finding true health? A kind of missing link, if you may. Having spent the last two-plus decades looking at what our bodies actually nee to thrive, placing environmental factors under a microscope from the energetics of the land we live on, to our bodies response to contaminants in our household dust, the pesticides on our food, moulds, radiation, dirty electricity and magnetic fields, cleaning products and personal care down to artificial light exposure and circadian and seasonal rhythms, I can confidently say that much of the illness and in particular chronic illness, we see today is a result of the environment we are expecting our bodies to live in.

Having lived all over the world and working for the world's largest natural retailer I could not keep track of the times a customer or patient in our clinics would say "I started feeling ill shortly after I moved into.................." generally a basement apartment or poorly maintained house. I witnessed many seemingly healthy people suffer from chronic fatigue (biotoxin illness), reoccurring chest infections, copper toxicity, migraines and allergies that they had never previously suffered from, all of which appearing shortly after moving house.

As I began to expand my knowledge of toxins in the built environment it became apparent the need for greater education in environmental health, and just how difficult it is to treat and patients without knowledge of their environmental exposures. 


It is my passion to create awareness and change in the way that we live so that we can be the healthiest versions of ourselves and see better health in our future generations.

Much love



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