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Frequently asked questions

Im not sure what service I need but I just want to know that my house is healthy

No problem, the first step is having a conversation so that I can get a full understanding of your build and hoped outcome. Depending on your circumstances and concern we can tailor a consult to suit your needs. To book a phone chat email

How much will it cost?

Onsite Audits start at $680. Price are listed under each services. Our pricing schedule can be found HERE

How do I know if my house is affecting my health?

The general rule of thumb is if you feel better when you are away from the home then we suggest testing. Many people do not make the connection between health issues such as headaches and sore muscles with perhaps their wifi or mould. A building biologist is able to identify potential issues and the associated health affects.

Do you travel outside of Perth?

Absolutely, travel can be arranged to any places but will be charged additionally to requested work.

Will you clean and remediate my mould issue?

While a building biologist will test, sample and locate the source of moisture feeding the mould and ensure the mould does not return, if professional remediation is required Building Biology WA will recommend a trusted IICRC mould remediator.

What if I don't have the resources to find a new house?

In the majority of cases a building biologist will give you a list of cost effective ways to remediate or remedy any problems with the building. It is very rare that a house can not be remedied.

What if I don't know what I need tested?

Mould, EMF, chemical sensitivity often display very similar symptoms and so a building biologist will bring a number of meters and test equipment when auditing.

What is EMR/EMF and electropollution?

These words are often used interchangeably, although it is not correct to do so. Ww have used the terms as they are more recognized with people however when it is mentioned we are talking about all the elctropollution parameter such as AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields, radiofrequencies and dirty electricity (we also group artificial blue light in here). You can read more about this here

Do we really get mould in Perth?

Yes we certainly do. You do not need to see or smell mould for it to be an issue and this is often the case in Perth, however it does not mean that toxigenic moulds or tertiary colonisers (the nasty moulds) are not present in your home. for more on mould read here

Still got a question? No problem just send us your question.

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