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Serenity’s blends of oils work in unison to free your mind from stresses of the day, before uplifting your spirits to provide a wonderfully balancing experience. This warm, comforting aroma blends the beautifully warm citrus top notes of Lemongrass with the underlying exotic, floral fragrance of Neroli and soft, sweet Geranium, to uplift and energise your mind and body, and soothe away stress, leaving you feeling revived and restored.

Made with 100% pure essential oilsHandmade in Great BritainVegan and not tested on animalsSafe for use during pregnancyMineral oil freePetrochemical freeParaben freeSulphate freeSilicone free

Suitable for all skin types

Ingredients Himalayan Sea Salt, Calamine, essential oils of Black Pepper, Bergamot, Lime & Mandarin

AromaWorks AromaBomb Serenity 250g

$14.95 Regular Price
$14.20Sale Price
  • Himalayan Sea Salt, Calamine, essential oils of Lemongrass, Geranium, Neroli & Lavender

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