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Reduce the level of dirty electricity in your home or workplace with the DE3 Dirty Electricity Filter. Our DE3 filters can be used to reduce the level of dirty electricity (DE) present in your home or workplace. They are designed to fit Australian power outlets and bear the C-tick.

Plug the filter into a power point as close to the source of DE as possible and turn the power point on. When you check the reading on the deTekta, you’ll see that the level of DE has dropped and the percentage by which it has dropped.

It’s important to locate the filters as close to the source of DE as possible. If DE is entering the house from the neighbourhood wiring or from solar panels, plug the filter close to the meter box. If it’s coming from an appliance, plug the filter into a socket near the appliance. It’s important to reduce DE close to the source or it will flow backwards and forwards on the house wiring between the source and the filter(s).

DE3 filters reduce high-frequency noise on electrical wiring. Remember, they don’t reduce the electric or magnetic fields present from this wiring.

A detailed information booklet is available with the hire or purchase of the deTekta dirty electricity meter, used in conjunction with the filters. It contains information and guidance for locating filters for optimum results.

DE3 Dirty Electricity Filter

SKU: 0003
$140.00 Regular Price
$133.00Sale Price
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