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The unique waffle design and density of the cloth was specifically designed for heavy duty cleaning such as that required for the bathroom and laundry areas. Fibreteq ultra microfibre cleaning cloths are among the most technologically advanced cloths. Using a patented process, each cloth has been uniquely designed to remove dirt, grime, scum and bacteria that is commonly found in your home. These cloths will absorb up to seven times their own weight, whilst enabling you to clean an entire room before you have to rinse them out!

Instructions: wash before first use. Rinse in warm water to release the dirt and grime. Allow to dry between uses. Every week we recommend that you put it in a hot wash (no linen bag required).

How We Differ to Other Brands:

  • no formaldehyde or fixative dyes have been used in this cloth
  • 25% thicker than most other microfibre cloths making it very effective and long lasting

Fibreteq Microfibre Cloth Bathroom & Heavy Duty Cleaning

SKU: 008
$9.95 Regular Price
$9.45Sale Price
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