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Everything you need to identify the mould in your home or office, including simple instructions for sampling the air and surfaces in your home. Paired with our industry-leading mould laboratory analysis, the ProAir Mould Test Hire Kit is your go-to for getting your head around indoor air quality in your home or office. 


Micro5 air sample cassettes - $10 each

Lab Lab charges associated with analysis = $120 each



  • Mould testing for your home or office
  • Allows you to take as many samples as you’d like (add more Micro5 cassettes and swabs to your order if needed)
  • Provides clarity and peace-of-mind
  • Identifies mould down to genera, giving you the tools to understand your indoor air quality
  • Fast lab analysis turnaround time*
  • All results are provided 

ProAir Mould Test Hire Kit

$180.00 Regular Price
$171.00Sale Price
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