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(Includes 40 wicks)

100% Natural, plant based and zero toxins.

Does not leave soot, powder can be poured into nearly any shaped container to become a lit candle (as long as it's 8 cm wide).

Rose Powdercandle 200hr

$65.00 Regular Price
$61.75Sale Price
  • Preparing the candle:

    • Pour the powder into a non-flammable container. The latter should be at least 8 cm in width to avoid wax from sticking to the sides. That way, your candle will always look new and beautiful.
    • Insert the wick into the powder and leave out a 1-centimetre end.
    • Light the candle and enjoy the pure and warm light.

    Extinguishing the candle:

    • We recommend using a candle-snuffer or covering the container with a non-flammable lid as blowing the flame out might also blow the powder out of the container.

    Re-lighting and refreshing the candle:

    • If you wish to relight the candle, first check the length of the remaining wick by simply lifting the set wax out of the powder. 
    • If there is no more wick left or you wish to refresh the candle's appearance, throw the set wax out, fill the container with preferred amount of powder, insert a new wick and light it up. 
    • If there is enough wick left, you can simply re-insert the set wax and light the candle. The set wax will look like a crown on the sparkling powder, adding a beautiful touch.
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