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SaunaSpace red-filtered incandescent light featuring our ThermaLight™ technology.

The full-spectrum of healing and detox wavelengths. Therapeutic grade near infrared mitochondrial stimulation. Up to 89 mW/cm2 irradiance on your entire body. No UV or blue light. No flicker stress. Zero EMF stress from our product, period. 

Intelligent design and unparalleled quality for the most safe and transformative healing you’ll ever experience. 

*Price is inclusive of Fed Ex shipping from the US and import duties.



In addition to protection from any internal EMF, the Luminati’s Grounding Mat features an integrated grounding system that keeps all of the home’s ambient wired electric fields (EF) outside the sauna and away from the user.

SaunaSpace’s shielding design ensures there is ZERO magnetic field (MF) and ZERO EF stress on your body from the Tungsten™ Panel.

MF is 0 mG (not detectable) beyond the face of the Faraday Bulb Guards.

EF is 0 V/m on the front and rear Panel body, 0 V/m in front of the Faraday Bulb Guard & 0 V/m on the Shielded Power Cord.

Every Panel we craft is tested with the Geovitals EM Field Probe. Utilizing specialized gold-plated sensors, the Geovitals meter is one of the most sensitive electric and magnetic field meters available, far more sensitive than an ungrounded Trifield meter. Check out our EMF testing results.


The modern-day sauna is not a 400 lb cabinet behemoth. It’s sleek, minimalist and portable. It’s a transformative healing space that fits in any home. And that is our Faraday™.

The Luminati™ is so easy to setup and take-down. It’s only 55 lbs total weight. No handy man, no tools necessary. Keep it set up for daily, convenient near infrared sauna therapy. Collapse it when you need it out of the way or are moving to to your next home.

Fully height adjustable Tungsten™ Panel so you can align the lamps to your torso as recommended. Lower the Panel to the bottom if you prefer sitting on the floor!


The optimized 4x4x2 trapezoidal footprint is the perfect combination of space-saving and roomy interior. Plenty of space to rotate fully around the stool and maintain the recommended 18-30 inch clearance from lamp face to torso.

We recommend using our comfy contoured Stool for doing the rotation use protocol. But you can use any chair you want, in case you require a backrest. It’s also wheel-chair accessible.

3-switch control gives you ultimate flexibility, each row of lights has its own switch control. Heat sensitive users welcome! Start with 1-2 bulbs and work up to using all 4 lamps.


Our Luminati™ is simply elegant, inside and out. You are surrounded by your natural human elements: wood, cotton canvas, bamboo flooring for a happy, beachy vibe.

You will be inside for 20-30 minutes per session, so we’ve carefully designed the interior with minimalism in mind. No silly stuff to distract you from the ultimate meditative experience.

Our aesthetic is soft to the touch, rounded over everywhere. And a bit of steam-punk from our guards 

All this means you won’t want to leave your SaunaSpace. But when you do, you will be transformed in body and mind.


We love our craft, and it shows in every piece of our products.

All basswood components are handworked and hand-polished buttery smooth.

All our textile parts are precision stitched by our expert sewers.

Our rigorous quality control involves inspection of every stitch and every component.

That’s why we confidently guarantee our product for a lifetime of use.

SaunaSpace Luminati NIR Sauna

SKU: Lumi
  • Brand SaunaSpace®

    Total Weight: 67.5 lb (30.6 kg)
    Light Panel Weight: 15 lb (6.8 kg)
    Frame Weight: 11 lb (5 kg)
    Grounding Bamboo Mat Weight: 4 lb (1.8 kg)
    Stool Weight: 8.5 lb (43.9 kg)
    Dual-Layer Cover: 16 lb (7.3 kg)
    Shielding Cover Weight: 9 lb (4.1 kg)
    Shielding Curtain Weight: 2 lb (0.9 kg)

    Entrance Width: 52 in (132 cm)
    Rear Width: 24 in (61 cm)
    Depth: 52 in (132 cm)
    Height: 63 in (160 cm)

    North American Basswood (Tilia americana)
    Stainless Steel
    Unvarnished Natural Bamboo
    GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Canvas
    SaunaSpace Proprietary Stainless Steel Shielding Fabric

    Can be installed in any indoor location protected from outdoor elements.
    Can be installed on any indoor flooring: wood, laminate, tile, synthetic. Heat from sauna does not heat up surroundings to any significant degree. The Enclosure’s Dual-Layer Cover & Grounding Mat ensures all external home materials cannot be heated and therefore will not outgas into your SaunaSpace.

    Operating Cost: 16¢ per hr [1]
    MF (Magnetic Field) Rating: 0 mG [2]
    EF (Electric Field) Rating: 0 V/m [3]
    Voltage: 110-240 VAC
    Amperage: 8.3 A (120VAC USA Voltage) or 4.2 A (220-240VAC International Voltage)
    Wattage: 1000 W
    Frequency: 50-60 Hz
    Plug Type: USA, UK, Euro, Swiss or AU/NZ plug
    Power Cord Length: 15 ft (4.6 m)
    All electrical parts UL-listed

    [1] based on USA national average 16¢ kW-hr cost
    [2] at ~6 in (15.2 cm) or greater distance from panel body. Measured with a grounded Geovitals EM Field Probe.
    [3] measured with a grounded Geovitals EM Field Probe.

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