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The ThermaLight™ bulb from SaunaSpace is the first-ever near infrared incandescent bulb designed entirely with health in mind.

Artisan-made using a mouth-blown process dating back to 50 B.C.

Featuring our custom-made tungsten filament that delivers 2-4x more red & near infrared irradiance than any other bulb on the market, all through a beautiful red-stained hard glass.

Next Level Red & Near Infrared Irradiance

Our ThermaLight Bulb has a uniquely designed filament that delivers a more ideal emission spectrum than standard incandescent heat lamp models and delivers two major advantages for the user.

MORE LIGHT THERAPY: a higher percentage of both photobiomodulation wavelengths red (600 – 700nm) & near infrared (700-1000nm)

BETTER HEAT THERAPY: a higher percentage deep penetrating radiant-heating wavelengths (1000-1500nm).

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To order use the link Please use th link for a 5% discount. Prices will be shown in US dollars. Note that Freight and Taxes will be added

SaunaSpace Thermalight

SKU: Therm

    .2 lb (.1 kg)

    Length: 6 in (15.2 cm)
    Width: 5 in (12.7 cm)

    Wattage: 250 W
    Voltage: 120 V or 240V
    Size: R40
    Base: E26
    Coating: None
    Filament: Tungsten
    Lifespan: up to 5000 hr
    Light Type: Incandescent
    Material: Mouth-Blown, Hand-Rolled Red-Stained Tempered Glass

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