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Look like a rockstar in these............ sleep like a log

SunDown Blue Light Blocking Glasses block 100% of blue light and are designed for evening use to increase melatonin levels, lower stress levels, and improve sleep quality.

Our amber lens is made in an optical lab with the highest visual acuity. This is the ideal option for providing greater colour perception over our red lens, whilst still providing adequate blue light protection.

Sundown Taylor Blocking Glasses -Black

$114.95 Regular Price
$109.20Sale Price
    • Amber Blue Light Blocking Glasses

      Our scientifically-designed-and-manufactured blue light blocking glasses not only all block blue light but make you look good while doing it!

      The SunDown Amber Lens has been specifically designed and proven to block 100% of blue from 400-500nm. Using the SunDown Amber lenses provides the perfect balance of a lighter amber tint allowing more visual colour perception, while still remaining effective at blocking 100% of harmful blue light.

      These glasses are perfect for use in the early evening when blue light protection is required but greater colour perception is preferred.

      For Maximum Night-time protection, use our NightFall Red Lens range; These Blue and Green Light Blocking Glasses block 100% of blue AND green light up to 550nm.

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    Type: Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Amber Lens

    Frequently Bought Together

    • SunDown Amber Lens: 100% of blue light harmful blue light is blocked (400nm - 500nm)

    • Lighter Amber tint allows more color perception at night

    • Specifically designed to help you sleep by blocking harmful blue light that lowers melatonin levels

    • Use after sunset when you are exposed to artificial light, to enjoy improved quality of sleep

    • Premium acetate frames made with stainless steel spring hinges

    • Premium carry case and lens cloth inclu

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