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Deanne Hislop Building Biologist

Residential and

Commercial Auditing


Providing peace of mind at home or in the workplace

Covid -19 Update BBWA is still servicing those in the Perth metro area for environmental assessments.

Some restrictions apply. Please contact us to find out more.

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Onsite/Offsite Services

Residential Services

  • Electrobiology (EMR/EMF) testing

  • Mould and water damage

  • Drinking water testing

  • Sleep area audit

  • Indoor air quality 

  • Pre-lease/ pre-purchase inspection

  • And many other services 

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Family Health


Creating a sanctuary

Healthy living space for baby

Creating a sleep sanctuary

Family consultation - reducing EMF exposure and screen time

Reducing chemical exposure in the home

Pre pregnancy/preganacy checklist for a low chemical/emf home

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Onsite/Offsite Services

Commercial Services

  • Environmental testing for electropollution, mould, indoor air quality, water contaminants, meth and environmental factors that impact health

  • Commercial design of healthy spaces

  • Additional services

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Environmental health testing
Pre purchase or pre lease inspection
Methamphetamine testing
Build and renovation advice
Healthy Home rating
House hunting coaching
In Person and Online

Workshops and Seminars

Deanne Hislop present s on a multiple topics relating to environmental health from teaching parents how to use technology safely to practitioner courses on EMF and other environmental hazards.

For our latest workshops or to book a speaking event please click read more. 

For our bodies to thrive our environment must mimic that of the natural world that we have evolved to live in.

Creating a healthy environment, with low EMF/EMR exposure, reducing chemical and biotoxin/mould exposure, reducing particulates and allergens as well as and contaminant free drinking water is critical for a thriving, healthy individual or family. 


There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that many of today's diseases are triggered by our environment, toxin overload and EMF/EMR exposure from, autism, asthma and allergies, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue to cancer and heart disease.


Building Biology WA is possibly the missing link between Doctor/ naturopath/ health practitioner, you and better health. There are often many overlooked triggers to illness that a building biologist can help identify and offer practical solutions for. 


A building biologist will specialise in diagnosing sick building syndrome and is able to help you identify, sample, test if necessary, and remedy one or many of the above issues that can be present in an environment. From identifying chemicals, mould issues, water contaminants and sources of electromagnetic exposure and assessing them for their ability to compromise health, to auditing commercial buildings and work spaces, helping to build healthy homes, choose health/eco-friendly building materials and even to help design your child's nursery and sleep spaces.


We cannot find health in the same environment where we became unwell 

Want to learn more about how you can better protect your family?



"Many of our clients are chemically sesitive, Deanne was able to help us achieve a low chemical and toxin workspace that is completely fragrance free, provided information on the best water filter for our staff and clients and a comprehensive report including ways to reduce levels of EMF. Her knowledge is exceptional and it has opened my eyes and that of my staff to a completely different way of looking at reducing chemical exposure."

Belinda Lease


“We moved into our Subiaco home 18 months ago, I am so glad that I have been able to work with Deanne in remediating the mould, safely removing the lead paint during our renovation and the support she has given in helping us choose the right materials and products for our soon to arrive bundle of joy. We can't that you enough, you have instilled such confidence and we have learnt so much"


Tereesa Beano

Healthy Homes Building Biology



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