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Building Biology 101

With only a handful of nationally accredited building biologist in Western Australia it is no wonder that most have no idea it even exists! So what exactly is building biology you ask? Well, building biology is the study of the built environment and its effects on health.

Now that said, I should probably elaborate on what it is that we cover. A building biologist is able to identify potential issues in the built environment that could cause ill health, such as mould, drinking water contaminants, chemicals, particulates, allergens, electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation, in fact we aren't just qualified to identify them but we can sample, test, quantify and provide practical solutions to remedy. And it doesn't just stop there! A building biologist can help design healthy friendly houses, choose health friendly building materials even help you create the perfect sleep sanctuary, free from melatonin disrupting EMF!!

So how does it all work, well we offer a range of services from auditing for a specific issue such as mould to organising a consultation to discuss the changing over your cleaning products or choice of chemical and flame retardant free mattress fro your new bundle, it really comes down to what you feel your family would benefit from. So take a little time, have a flick through the services and a think about your current health situation, if you feel it could be improved, if you would like to reduce the chemical/ EMF exposure of your family or perhaps would like some advice on a new water filter.

At Building Biology WA we are passionate about bringing greater to health to your home or work environment.

Much Love


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