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Dr Cooper discussing biomarkers for electrohypersensitivity - EHS

As a building biologist much of my time is spent working with individuals experiencing health concerns associated to their increased exposure to electropollution and in particular high frequency radiofrequencies such as that emitted from wireless devices, cell towers, mobile phones, home routers, baby monitors and other applications where information is transmitted without the use of a wire. Of particular concern are the symptoms associated with pulsed frequency radiofrequency exposure.

With progressive practitioners beginning to make the connections between exposure and symptoms such as sleep disorders, fatigue, "abdominal migraines", headache, muscle aches and pains, jaw and neck tension, suppressed immune function, fertility issues, downregulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, cognitive issues to name a few it is becoming obvious that a reduction in exposure for these clients is required in order fro them to regain health and at the least respond better to treatment.

While environmental disorders such as biotoxin illness, chronic fatigue and multiple chemical sensitivity can often be hard to diagnose due to the strong overlap of symptoms one thing that is often overlooked is the role of radiation in exacerbating their condition.

The following presentation (starting around 8 minutes in) discussing what we should be looking for in our clients, available testing and an in depth overview of the health concerns with a focus on the production of peroxynitrites, oxidative stress and the link to cancer.

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