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Fluoride - putting dose and childhood cognitive function into perspective

So you have probably noticed that fluoride has been in the press a fair bit recently (especially in Western Australia thanks to the Fluoride Free political Party) and so it should be. For many years we have been fed the idea that fluoride strengthens teeth - and to a certain degree in topical application may have its merit. However water fluoridation is a whole other kettle of fish.

I recently interviewed several dentists in regards to how systemic (ingested) fluoride is able to target the teeth as opposed to other parts of the body - to which not one dentist was able to respond. Now water fluoridation comes with a myriad of issues, from an ethical perspective, its political agenda, industry involvement (namely the aluminium and fertiliser industries who require the removal of this hazardous toxic waste - thanks very much Department for Health) but what I find of most concern is the associated health effects, in particular its neurotoxic properties.

Now before everyone starts jumping up and down and screaming conspiracy theorist, there are a few facts I would like to point out. In Australia we are led to believe that water fluoridation is the norm. Unfortunately we are of the 5% of the world who fluoridates and we are not among those with the best dental health. (stay tuned for my coming articles on dental programmes showing great success across the globe) I would also like to point out that while there is some merit from studies most of which performed in the 70s and highly questionable (without even looking at bias or conflict of interest) suggesting it may help in preventing childhood dental cavities, there is zero evidence as suggested by the Cochrane review that it makes any impact on dental hygiene by the time we have reached adulthood.

What there is a concerning amount of evidence on (over 60 well performed peer reviewed studies) is the ability for fluoride to lower IQ - yes that's right, forget its ability to attack the thyroid, dental and skeletal fluorosis, its carcinogenic properties and the rather giant bag of adverse health effects, Fluoride is a neurotoxin - end of. In fact even The Lancet published a study proving so in 2011. This could possibly explain why it is used as rat poison.........just saying. But what about all the latest results from the NHMRC you may ask? Oh are you referring to the part where in the absence of any information they have concluded that it is safe? Interesting They way that they threw out all studies proving neurological effects and concluded no news is good news??

Now while my dentists of whom do a fantastic job and I thank for their time, could not give any points on how systemic fluoride intake can target only the teeth, one thing they did agree on was that you should not swallow toothpaste, an especially important warning for those under the age of 5. Hmmmmmm

So what I would like to share from one of the many, many studies that have been performed worldwide is just how little is require to challenge cognitive function - in fact the study I'm referring to (which did perform a control for lead - someone should mention this to the NHMRC) proves a dose related response between fluoride intake and drop in IQ.

I would also like to highlight a part of the study that is particularly alarming in the NHMRC report on fluoride of which I doubt anyone has actually read but based their opinion on its conclusion. The areas of research and collation where grouped under three categories of outcomes according to their importance for decision making; critical, important but not critical and of limited importance.

Below is a list of outcomes, such as oh, you know effect of cognitive function, mortality and cancer (which rate as important but not critical - as opposed to its ability to improve dental caries scoring a game changing critical!!!!

Outcome Rate importance of outcome Dental caries Critical for decision making Dental fluorosis Critical for decision making Neuro-cognitive disorders Important, but not critical Dementia Important, but not critical Neuro-developmental disorders Important, but not critical Cancers of the bone, and specifically osteosarcoma Important, but not critical Congenital abnormalities Important, but not critical All cancers (malignant neoplasms) other than bone cancer Important, but not critical Skeletal effects (other than bone cancers) Important, but not critical All-cause mortality Important, but not critical

But I guess one thing all us parents are all dying to know, is just how much fluoride does it take to effect brain function in our little earth monsters, well here it is for you from a recent presentation from retired Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology Paul Connett..

Please note- fluoride can not be filtered out and can only be completely removed with the use of an Reverse osmosis system of which I recommend using a remineralisation before drinking. For those without fluoride, activated carbon filters are my choice. (water should be tested by a trained building biologist or specialist prior to investment in any filtration system)

Enjoy, share and together we can awaken the world.

Deanne Hislop

Nationally accredited Building Biologist

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