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Wireless - Wise Families

Lyn McLean is Australia’s foremost consumer advocate on the issue of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). An author and educator, she has been monitoring and writing on the subject for more than 20 years. Lyn is the publisher of the quarterly periodical EMR and Health and the author of Watt’s the Buzz?, a guide to reducing exposure to EMR. She has served as a representative on various national committees related to this issue and is currently the director of EMR Australia, which provides services and assistance in connection with electropollution.

Her new book Wireless-Wise Families will be available fro purchase through the Building Biology WA shop site very soon.

This book is a must have for all families, a fantastic resource that gives easy and practical tips on ways that families can reduce their exposure. At $19.99 this is a solid investment in you and your families health.

Look out for the BBWA shop coming soon!

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